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Sophos Home Antiviruses for Windows

Download Sophos Home on our website. Here is a new security solution that is not delivered in the form of complex kits and utilities. The program will provide you with guaranteed protection, so you no longer have to worry about downloading files and surfing websites. Download the latest version on your PC from us and be confident in your system!

Sophos Home

Program features

Sophos Home starts working from the first minutes, like a hardworking ant. There is no need to master the functions, look for manuals or read manuals on the Internet. Already with the first launch, scanning begins, and you will receive the result in a matter of minutes! Any threats or vulnerabilities on the network will be instantly sent as notifications to your desktop.

After opening the program, you can see a large Clean In Progress button, with which the main work will take place. By selecting this option, a deep scan begins. A list of all threats that will be detected will appear on the left side. The second and third columns show information about potential threats and the classification of the virus. There are three types of actions: Remove the virus, quarantine or ignore the threat. This way you can control the process yourself. Or choose automatic mode and give full control to the antivirus system.

Sophos Home

Additional Features

There is a setting to re-check the system at a time of your choosing. If anything new in the area of viruses and rootkits is discovered, you will be notified. You can view the detailed analysis in a special tab after clicking on the bell icon. The Threats and Ransomware tabs also serve to identify serious threats, as well as vulnerabilities in the system as a whole. There is an exception function. If you are confident about the files, you can exclude them in advance so that the analysis does not affect this data.

And finally, support for corporate governance. Here the settings take place in a specially dedicated cloud storage. Already in the free version you will have access to three virtual machines. You can work with them through any browser on your PC, after first registering and logging into the system. We suggest downloading the latest version of Sophos Home on our website and improving your online security!

Sophos Home

Advantages of an antivirus system

  • One of the best systems for protecting against viruses and other threats.
  • Lots of useful options and innovations.
  • Availability of work via cloud storage.
  • Parental control support.
  • The program is available in different languages.
  • Manage browsers with support for up to three devices.
  • Minimum system requirements.


  • No browser configurator.
  • The free version has a chance of infecting the system.
  • All important additional features are only available in the paid version.

Sophos Home

To summarize, we would like to highlight that this service will be the optimal variation of anti-virus protection. Interesting features, reliable online protection and much more.

Download Sophos Home

Download the latest version Sophos Home from the official website
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