Skizz: Lockscreen Drawing Premium for Android

Download Skizz: Lockscreen Drawing Mods for Android

Download Skizz: Lockscreen Drawing Premium for Android now! Save the latest version completely free on Android and learn to express your own emotions in an unusual format!

Download Skizz: Lockscreen Drawing

Program features

Skizz: Lockscreen Drawing is a mobile companion from the TechStar Utilities studio that allows you to exchange drawings and messages with friends, family and colleagues in real time. But in an unusual format, because instead of the already familiar canvases, which are easy to find in any graphics editor, developers are encouraged to draw, write and create directly on someone else’s lock screen.

An interesting concept immediately changes the approach to communication and adds several opportunities for the realization of creative abilities. Can’t wait to try it yet? All content is already available without restrictions – you just need to register and “link” several accounts together.

Download Skizz: Lockscreen Drawing


  • Customizable canvases. Developers allow you to choose places for preparing sketches and original squiggles together with friends, switching canvases, backgrounds and wallpapers.
  • Unusual content. With recent updates, the developers have introduced several new features related to the addition of stickers, stickers and even full-fledged inscriptions.
  • Constant experiments. Developers allow both sending messages to someone else’s screen and adding captions to their own, immediately changing the format of social interaction.
  • Predictable interface. Understanding the buttons, menus and tools that appear is much easier than it seems – the developers have prepared a dozen thematic tips and instructions.
  • Special templates. Skizz has also introduced unusual sets of content, with the help of which everyone will have a chance to quickly start a game of tic-tac-toe…

Download Skizz: Lockscreen Drawing

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Download Skizz: Lockscreen Drawing Premium for Android

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