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Download mp3DirectCut for Windows from our website. Ideal for trimming a portion of audio. The latest version is available below the description.

Download mp3DirectCut

Program features

mp3DirectCut is a streamlined audio editing software that provides users with the ability to perform various manipulations on MP3 files without the need for decompression and recompression. This unique feature not only saves time but also preserves the original audio quality, as the editing process does not introduce any additional encoding artifacts. The program’s user-friendly interface is designed to accommodate both novice and advanced users, offering an intuitive layout that facilitates easy navigation through audio tracks.

One of the key functionalities of mp3DirectCut is its direct cutting, copying, and pasting capabilities, which allow users to swiftly edit their MP3 files. The software supports frame-accurate edits, ensuring precise removal or insertion of segments within an audio track. Additionally, users can take advantage of the built-in recording feature that enables them to capture audio directly from their computer’s sound card, seamlessly creating new MP3 files.

Another significant advantage of mp3DirectCut is its batch processing feature, which allows users to apply certain edits to multiple MP3 files at once. This is particularly useful for those working with a large collection of audio tracks, as it significantly reduces the time spent on repetitive tasks. The program also includes a cue sheet support, enabling users to manage and organize track divisions easily. With the ability to mark and label sections of the audio, users can quickly navigate to specific points within a file, making the editing process more efficient.

Additional features

Furthermore, mp3DirectCut is equipped with a comprehensive visualization tool that displays the waveform of the audio track. This visual aid is invaluable for identifying different segments of the audio, particularly when looking for specific beats or silence within a file. The software also supports the automatic detection of pauses, which can be used to split long recordings into separate tracks. All these features, combined with the software’s low system resource usage, make mp3DirectCut a powerful and efficient tool for anyone looking to edit MP3 files quickly and with precision.

Download mp3DirectCut


  • Simple control in the program.
  • Clear interface for beginners.
  • A large number of useful functions.
  • The program is distributed under a free license.
  • There are many languages.


  • There is only support for mp3 format. WAV, FLAC and others are not available for work.

Download mp3DirectCut

Do you value your time? This program is the perfect solution for you. There are many more advantages here, so we definitely recommend it! Also in our section you can find other Sound and Music Production Software for Windows!

Download mp3DirectCut

Download the latest version mp3DirectCut from the official website
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