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Download Kaspersky Free on our website. This is one of the most popular services on PCs today, designed for protection. The latest version via direct link is located under the description. Now we propose to familiarize yourself with the main capabilities of the utility, and also outline the advantages and disadvantages of the virus protection tool.

Download Kaspersky Free

Program features

Computer viruses are a big problem for every user who works with personal computers. Even after reinstalling Windows, confusion can begin within a few days. The question is: which antivirus should I use? It would seem that today there are countless of them on the Internet, but we want to recommend Kaspersky Free. This free option will do its job at a high level and offer the most important tools to protect your system. Starting from the most important blocks to vulnerable areas.

File antivirus is the most important and well-developed part in the game. This component allows you to scan absolutely all files on the system that you have ever worked with. In general, this service is able to analyze everything that is on the PC and detect potential threats. Anything that could threaten the system will be identified and neutralized. You will receive a notification with detailed information regarding rootkits and malicious worms, their names and the location where they managed to penetrate. You can remove a threat in one click.

The program does not stand still and is developing. For example, there is a fairly powerful and modern web antivirus that can scan sites and links for danger in real time. The program works with malicious scripts and, most importantly, reliably protects your information regarding online bank cards and other payment systems. With Kaspersky, you can pay for purchases without risk and even save data as templates. Plus, there is a customizable IM antivirus that monitors malicious links. At the moment, the service continues to develop and is gradually receiving new updates on the way to total security for everyone!

Download Kaspersky Free

Advantages of an antivirus system

  • The program is completely free.
  • Minimum system requirements.
  • The simplest possible interface.
  • There is support for different languages.
  • 100% effective.
  • Several types of scanning and analysis.
  • Constant updates from developers.


  • Not all features are included in the trial version.
  • Doesn’t work with all viruses.

Download Kaspersky Free

To summarize, we would like to note the high effectiveness of the program. Compared to its competitors, it has a fairly solid range of functions and real-time monitoring. An excellent choice for those looking for a free, quality service.

Download Kaspersky Free

Download the latest version Kaspersky Free from the official website
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