Granny Nullzerep Mod 1.7.3

Download Granny Nullzerep Mod Mods for Android

Download Granny Nullzerep Mod 1.7.3 on our website. This modification for Android will help you play your favorite horror game on a new level! Download the update from the link below in APK format and enjoy!

Download Granny Nullzerep Mod

Game process

Granny is an atmospheric adventure with elements of horror and survival. You will find yourself in an extremely unpleasant situation and will try to escape from captivity as quickly as possible, but the environment, chance, traps and the main enemy will strongly oppose you. The hero will have to go through seven circles of hell and muster the courage to fight for his life. Together with the new NullZerep modification for Granny, which can be downloaded for free, you will get more freedom in difficulty settings and gameplay.

Despite the modification, the core of Granny remains the same. Before us is the same horror game with a first-person view, in which you need to hide from your pursuer and look for useful things that will allow you to escape from home. The evil granny is constantly moving around the rooms, so you need to keep your ears open. In addition to the old woman, her assistants also live in the cottage, and a terrible monster lives in the basement. As luck would have it, all things, objects, furniture, doors and floors creak and make terribly noise when interacting, which attracts the enemy. You must show maximum ingenuity and accuracy to escape from prison safe and sound.

Download Granny Nullzerep Mod

Game Features

  • Low system requirements.
  • Detailed difficulty settings.
  • Many options for completing one mission.
  • Expanded mod menu with adjustments.
  • Built-in cheats for easy passage.

Download Granny Nullzerep Mod


Granny is easy to customize due to the convenience of the engine used. That is why gamers are ready to create various modifications, showing the audience their own vision of horror. Today we will talk about a modification from NullZerep, which presents a mod menu with the following functionality:

  • Setting up artificial intelligence.
  • Adjusting the camera view and control.
  • Changing textures and properties of objects.
  • Adding new enemies or reworking old ones.
  • Giving items and weapons to the hero.
  • Changing the radius of hearing and vision.
  • Walking through textures and quickly finding an exit.
  • Adjustment of headstock speed and force..

With each update of the mod, the list of parameters expands – the total number of adjustments already takes up several pages at once. Using a hack can breathe new life into the gameplay of Granny and even force those who played enough at the time of release to return to horror. Also on our website you can check out other mods for Android!

Download Granny Nullzerep Mod

Download the latest version Granny Nullzerep Mod from the our website
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