Duolingo Music for Android

Duolingo Music for Android Educational Apps for Android

Download Duolingo Music for Android from our website. You can now study music in the Duolingo Music app on Android, which can be downloaded to Android in APK file format for free.

Duolingo Music for Android

Program features

Duolingo Music is an upcoming major addition to the original Duolingo, bringing music education to the world-famous app. Here, users will receive a comprehensive curriculum that covers all the major aspects of music learning. In the process, you can learn to feel the rhythm, the names of notes, the location of different keys on the piano, etc.

The main goal of the program is to develop hearing, as well as help distinguish sounds and notes in the process. Interactive learning will follow the same principle as learning other languages, and will also contain not only English, but also other well-known dialects. The add-on easily integrates into the original Duolingo and offers immediate language learning and even math courses. However, it is too early to talk about the latter.

You can install Duolingo Music on Android, but the functionality is still very limited, since the developers have not yet provided access to the full application.

Duolingo Music for Android


  • The opportunity to receive music education for free – using the application, you can develop interactive musical skills.
  • Attractive interface – will work on the same principle as the original.
  • Low system requirements – perfectly compatible with weak mobile devices and works stably.
  • Simple controls – suitable for many users who are just getting acquainted with such a utility. Training built in.


  • There is no Russian language – for now you will have to be content with only English.
  • The official release has not yet taken place – this is only an experimental function in which bugs are possible.

Duolingo Music for Android

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