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Download IZArc on our website. The popular archiver will help you cope with all the problems associated with unpacking and archiving. Just download the latest version from our link and enjoy working with the most comfortable conditions and for free.

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Program features

Open the door to the world of archiving with IZArc – your personal file compression wizard! In a world where every byte counts, this powerful utility becomes an indispensable assistant, packing your data into compact archives with amazing ease. Don’t let the volume of data control you! Instead, take control with a tool that promises not just to reduce file size, but to bring order to your digital chaos!

The utility prides itself on its versatility, supporting a huge number of formats, including ZIP, RAR, 7-ZIP and many others. Want to extract a file from an ISO image? Or turn your photo folder into one ZIP archive? The program does this with a few mouse clicks, offering an intuitive interface that even a beginner can easily understand. And don’t worry about safety! You can set a password for archives and encrypt your data to protect it from unwanted eyes.

Plus, IZArc doesn’t just compress and decompress files – it is equipped with features that turn the routine of processing archives into an art. With it, you can repair damaged archives, convert them from one format to another, create self-extracting and multi-volume archives. The elegance and simplicity of IZArc lies in its ability to make the complex simple, turning everyday file management into a seamless and fast process.

Download IZArc


  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Completely free distribution.
  • A large number of functions.
  • Huge selection of settings.
  • Reliable protection against viruses.


  • It is currently impossible to create RAR archives in the program.

Download IZArc

Finally, we would like to add that IZArc is a reliable and efficient tool for creating archives. A free and reliable tool that will surely please every fan of free software! You can also find other archivers in the programs section!

Download IZArc

Download the latest version IZArc from the official website
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