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Download Comodo Internet Security Antiviruses for Windows

Download Comodo Internet Security on our website. This program will help you get rid of external threats on the Internet when working on a PC. The new version via a direct link awaits you below the description and is completely free.

Download Comodo Internet Security

Program features

Despite all the power and beauty of the Windows OS, the system is not perfect and can become infected with a virus in a matter of seconds when logging onto the Internet. There are many attackers on the World Wide Web who are trying to spread as many malicious worms as possible. It is very difficult to fight this, and the best option here is protection. Only reliable software can prevent all kinds of threats and remove all vulnerabilities. The best software from this section is Comodo Internet Security, a proven development with free functionality.

The antivirus built into the service is the basis of the entire program. Several types of scanning are available here, displaying all viruses if they are present in the system. When you first log in, it is possible to conduct a superficial analysis, and only then do a more detailed check of all blocks in the system. There is also a function for a detailed inspection of the most vulnerable areas, including recommendations for correcting errors. In general, the program can offer a lot of interesting features to ensure protection.

You will also be pleased with the fact that there are settings for the antivirus. For example, you can set the frequency of automatic scanning, set the file size, and set up desktop notifications. You can also add some folders and files to an exception to hide them from the eyes of the antivirus system. This can be done very simply in a special window, simply adding what you need from your hard drives. There is a Firewall, automatic mode and a bunch of interesting settings not available in analogues. The new version of the program on PC for all bit levels is available below in the description.

Download Comodo Internet Security

Advantages of an antivirus system

  • The program is completely free for everyone.
  • A huge number of useful functions.
  • Partial and deep scanning are available.
  • Many languages.
  • Small system requirements.
  • Huge selection of settings.


  • Insufficient level of protection.
  • New viruses and threats may be missed during analysis.

Download Comodo Internet Security

To summarize, we would like to note that the program is completely free. Today there are very few decent antiviruses that work completely free of charge.

Download Comodo Internet Security

Download the latest version Comodo Internet Security from the official website
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