Download BitDefender Antiviruses for Windows

Download BitDefender on our website. To prevent various threats from getting onto your computer, you will need reliable protection, which is what this software can offer. Today it is very difficult without an anti-virus system, since the chance of running a virus on a PC is as high as possible. After downloading the program using our link, you can sleep peacefully and not worry.

Download BitDefender

Program features

Immediately after installation, you will receive your first analysis using the Auto Scan button. Scanning your system will help you find out in the very first minutes which files are infected and how vulnerable the system is to new threats. This software is notable for the fact that it has its own patent. The algorithm consists of checking only those blocks that are most often endangered. This is a quick and shallow check, but the result will be much more accurate than in analog services. You will receive detailed information and will be able to fix everything instantly.

Having notifications at the bottom will help you stay safe in real time. If a site or download link is suspicious, you will know about it instantly. Protection can be turned on and off in one click. There is also an exceptions function. A deep scan option is also available in the main window. It takes longer, but affects all cells of the system. At the end you will have full access to the analysis results. You can find out what virus was discovered and when it appeared.

There is an interesting feature of the program Events. Here you will find a list of all events that occurred while the program was running. On the left is important information, and on the right each event is described in detail. Here is a brief summary of the name of the virus, its path and the potential threat that could happen or has already happened. The authors added quarantine, taking an example from the most popular utilities. Next to this feature there is a Protection button that turns protection on and off. Download BitDefender and be confident in the future!

Download BitDefender

Advantages of an antivirus system

  • A minimum amount of resources is required to operate.
  • The most simplified interface that is easy for a beginner to master.
  • Increased level of protection compared to analogues.
  • Smart protection in a few clicks.
  • Availability of quarantine, exceptions and several types of analysis.
  • The version supports many languages.


  • The free version lacks many important features.
  • The trial version may miss new threats.
  • Sometimes a notification may pop up asking you to buy a paid version for your desktop.

Download BitDefender

To summarize, we would like to recommend this program to you. There are many more pros than cons here. Compared with other utilities, this service will provide you with protection!

Download BitDefender

Download the latest version BitDefender from the official website
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