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Download App Cloner Premium for Android from our website. Start making copies with this tool using located below the description on this page.

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Program features

App Cloner Premium is an innovative utility that offers a level of app duplication unseen in the typical app ecosystem. This feature is particularly beneficial for social media enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals who require separate instances of apps for different purposes, such as managing multiple business accounts or playing the same game with different profiles.

The App Cloner goes beyond the basics with an extensive array of customization options. Users can modify cloned apps’ names and icons, allowing for easy identification and organization. This becomes especially useful when dealing with numerous clones, as it helps maintain a tidy and efficient workspace. Additionally, the Premium edition unlocks advanced cloning options that can change the behavior of the cloned apps, such as disabling features like permissions, allowing the apps to be installed on the external SD-card, or preventing them from using mobile data.

One of the standout features of App Cloner Premium is its ability to tweak and enhance privacy settings. Users can anonymize their cloned applications, removing or changing Android IDs, hiding IMEI or Wi-Fi MAC addresses, and even spoofing locations to maintain privacy and security. This is particularly advantageous for users who are privacy-conscious or need to protect sensitive information across different app environments.

Download App Cloner Premium


  • The controls are as simple as possible – even beginners can get used to it.
  • No restrictions – all functions are available from the first minutes without having to pay.
  • The latest version – the latest updates are collected inside, which will make working as comfortable as possible.
  • Everything is open – the premium version offers you to use paid functions instantly.
  • Low system requirements – this will allow it to work even on budget smartphones.

Download App Cloner Premium

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Download App Cloner Premium

Download the latest version App Cloner Premium from the our website
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